I love s’mores and can eat them all year round, but why not add some 4th of July fun to the classic s’mores that we know. Also create fun party favors to hand out to your friends during a BBQ get together to use around the bonfire. All you need are the usual culprit–marshmallows, chocolate bar and graham crackers, but just add on the red and blue sprinkles to the mix.


LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_2 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_3 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_4 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_5 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_6 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_7 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_8 LePetitOven_4th_of_July_Smores_Bar_9

Thanks for reading and have a safe and happy 4th!