This dessert has got to be the most easiest one to do in a short time and you have yourself a nice treat. It’s one of hubby’s favorite cantonese dessert and I hope you enjoy this as much as we do. There are recipes out there to add green jelly or seaweed texture called Rue or literary translation “Stink Grass” (臭草) to the soup, but I prefer the dessert without.

I just did a quick search on the nutrition facts of mung bean since I always loved the dessert growing up, but now curious to know if this dish is healthy for you. In fact, I’m happy to say that it is! Asians have since claimed mung bean to be a perfect slimming food, because not only is it low in fat, mung bean is also a rich source of protein, and fiber which enables one to lower the high cholesterol level in body system. The high fiber in mung bean yields complex carbohydrate which improves digestion and the complex carb helps to stabilize blood sugar in our body by preventing rapid rise after meal. It keeps our energy at an even level. Frequent consumption of green bean is beneficial to diabetes and one who suffers from high cholesterol level.

Wow, I had no idea this mung bean packs a mean healthy diatribe behind it. Good to know and now without further ado, onward with the easy recipe tutorial.



1 cup of Green Mung Beans
1 small container of coconut milk
3 T of sugar


First, rinse the beans three times with water, then fill the pot 3/4 ways full. Bring pot to boil for about 20-30 minutes until beans opened up. Then, add your coconut milk and sugar and you’re good to serve.

That’s it! Seriously easy right? Bon Appetit!