Fort Lee seems to have all the best places to go and when I saw my friend’s tweet on Batten Ramen, I was intrigued. Not to mention great timing since I was already there visiting my sister. This was our Sunday brunch so we got there around 11 or so. There’s street parking as well as metered parking in the back. The restaurant is actually located right outside of a small shopping center. The place was pretty filled up when we got there so took few minutes to get our seats. The staff greeted us warmly in Japanese and saw few patrons there as well who are Japanese. So far so good.

We already started looking at the menus while waiting so knew what we wanted to get before we sat down. They have options where you can have ramen with curry and the menu had plenty of things to choose from but unfortunately pork buns weren’t one of them. Ah well, I didn’t expect it to be on there so no worries.

I ordered the Miso Ramen as usual and the broth was pretty tasty and I’d say it’s comparable to the ramen place at Mitsuwa. The rest of the food was pretty good as well Overall, I’d come back here again. I know my sister marked this place down in her book to return.

Best yet, there’s a bakery place right around the corner call Parisienne Bakery” that sells Beard Papa creme puffs! Omg, those are to die for and if you never had any, you need to head over to one in NYC/NJ quickly. I had my first one in NYC and glad that there’s one in NJ as well.

Besides selling Beard Papas, they also sell Asian bakeries and of course boba drinks; however, I can’t seem to find the original black milk tea flavor in two locations in Fort Lee. I’m beginning to think they don’t sell it at all anywhere there which is odd. It’s probably the most original and popular flavor there is.

Anywho if you’re in the area, definitely check out these places. Happy Eating! =)