This has been a staple in the kitchen almost every friday for dinner and tastes great as leftovers too. You can alter the recipe to add beef, chicken or different veggies according to preference.


Package of egg noodles
Choy Sum veggies
1 cup of pork
1 tsp of salt & pepper
1 clove of garlic
few slices of ginger
3 T of starch
2 T of soy sauce
1 T of oyster sauce

First, soak the egg noodles to wash off any flour and heat up non-stick wok. Add 1 T of oil to coat the wok and place the egg noodles on medium heat to fry. Continue to watch over the wok, adding a little bit more oil and flipping the noodles over to fry the other side. Repeat to cover all areas of noodles. Once done, place on dish and set aside.

Next, wash the veggies three times and set aside. Cut up the pork into thin slices, place in bowl, add soy sauce with 1 T of starch and mix it up. Chop up the garlic and slice the ginger then place them in 1 T of oil in same wok and stir over medium-high heat. Now, the lazy cook way of cooking which MIL taugh me (haha) to reduce cooking time is place the veggies in the wok, then scatter the pork slices over top. Add about 2 T of water in the wok and cover with lid over medium heat. Wait about 5 mins and uncover to stir then add a pinch or two of salt and oyster sauce for flavor. Stir and cover for next few mins. Next, add 2 T of starch to 1 T of water and mix then pour over veggie mix. Stir completely then pour veggie mixture over noodles. Pepper to flavor and ready to eat! Enjoy =)

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