After having such awesome time at Ippudo, I happened upon another blogger’s site reviewing Ren’s Ramen right in my area. Needless to say, I had to try it so I grabbed hubby on Saturday & headed over to Bethesda area for some tasting. I had a photoshoot earlier that morning and used up my memory card so unfortunately these pics came from my P&S. They aren’t the best of quality but at least you’d get the jist yeah?

So first thing I’ve noticed right off is location. It’s behind the CVS store which you won’t know unless you have a GPS. I had to make a turnaround to get back into the back parking lot and it was tiny. There were probably 3 spaces reserved for Ren’s Ramen and the rest were for other buildings and CVS. There was a japanese market Daruma that closed down last year but if it were opened, I’d have no idea how people were able to find spaces to park there.

Photo courtesy of LunchingintheDMV

Ren’s Ramen is located right inside same building as the grocery store; the right side vacant from the closing of store and left side, you’ll find the ramen area. The small area seated few small tables and 2 booth-like tables against one wall & the windows. I’d say it would only house 20 ppl max. Since we came late afternoon, it was fairly decent to get tables quickly so I’m not sure what it would look like during lunch hours.

Anywho, we ordered the gyoza to start off for appetizers, then I ordered the Miso ramen with a topping of corn. Hubby wanted the same, but I had him ordered the soy sauce with extra of pork fat meat, so that we could both try it – hehe.

I thought mine was pretty good, not salty in the least and I usually can’t take too much salt. However, hubby couldn’t quit complaining that his was way too salty. Overall I enjoyed my meal and as you can guess, hubby didn’t. He’d much prefer using the money for hibachi after finishing his ramen – haha. I, for one, rather go for ramen than hibachi. I’ve read tons of review on yelp saying that the ramens were too salty; however, the menu clearly states which ones are saltier so if people don’t prefer salty, why order it? Miso ramen was definitely less salty than if you were to get the soy sauce ramen which hubby got.

Overall, it was pretty pricey for ramen especially if you add extra toppings to the mix. However, the bowl was pretty big, which we ordered the regular and were both pretty stuffed. Needless to say, the menu list was pretty limted and didn’t have any pork buns, but I knew that going in. However, if you’re ever hankering for ramen and are in the area, I’d say this would be a great stop nonetheless. Did I mention also they do not take credit cards? Cash only if you want to eat here. =P

In addition, I just read on Yelp that there is supposedly a really great ramen place in Boston that will be coming to DC hopefully soon! Wonderful, guess I’ll be waiting anxiously until that day happens. =D

The best part of this location though is that the next block or two up, you can go for some yummy Georgetown cupcakes. That will need to be in another post altogether. =)