NYC has plenty of restaurants for everyone but finding the right one usually takes word of mouth. Tucked away at the corner of East Village, this particular Japanese restaurant is rated one of the best places to go for ramen noodles made fresh everyday. The decor is simple yet nice and the servers and cooks greet you loud and clear as the hostess leads you to your table.

This restaurant is by far my favorite one so far and a must go for ramen noodles and the ever mouth-watering appetizer, pork buns. Just thinking about them makes me want to go back again.

Last time I was there, we were sat at the bar where all the yummy actions were and just drooled over every dish being brought out.

If you haven’t gone there yet, this is a must-go for everyone first thing in NYC. Then after getting your tummy filled, you can walk right around the corner to a little dessert place call the Spot. That’ll be in my next post so stay tuned. =)