How to Make Superfood Acai Bowl | Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Hello everyone! Wow, has it been forever since I’ve posted on this blog and I apologize for disappearing. I’m back with a healthy breakfast recipe for you all and it’s this yummy acai bowl that I’ve been obsessing and loving every morning. It’s packed with a whole bunch of nutritious ingredients that are great for(…)

Revisited | Momofuku Compost Cookies

Here’s a recipe post that I’ve been wanting to revisit and perfect after making these cookies several times now. The major tip in the process is being sure to refrigerate your cookie dough at least an hour before baking and if you make extra, you can freeze them to bake at a later time. If(…)

4th of July S’mores Bar & Party Favors

I love s’mores and can eat them all year round, but why not add some 4th of July fun to the classic s’mores that we know. Also create fun party favors to hand out to your friends during a BBQ get together to use around the bonfire. All you need are the usual culprit–marshmallows, chocolate(…)